DataFaucet ORM

Update Statement

The update statement should be reasonably self-explanatory, having an insertData property like the insert statement. Contents of the insertData property (a structure) are mapped directly to columns in the database. So for example if the database table has a "productid" column and the insertData structure contains a "productid" structure key, the value associated with that key will be inserted into the productid column. Instead of throwing an error like CFUPDATE, structure keys which do not map to columns in the table are ignored.

Update statements can also be filtered.

The Update object has these properties:

tablen/aThe table from which data is returned
insertDatan/aa structure containing data to insert into the table
insertNullsfalseboolean - if true, null values will be inserted into any columns not represented in the insertData structure
inserttrueboolean - if true an insert will be performed if no data is modified during the update - defaults to false if the statement has no filters
setnulln/aa comma delimited list of columns to set null during update
includeandand/or - indicates whether filters are cumulative (and) or mutually exclusive (or)